The higher-education arm of Boston Votes seeks to foster voter registration and participation rates at and above those estimated in the 2018 midterms. Building off of productive and unproductive experiments in voter registration and voter participation drives, Boston Votes will facilitate communication between higher-education institutions to propagate best practices and avoid error replication across campuses.

Check back soon for a list of participating universities!

Boston Votes is a non-partisan initiative bringing together high schools and universities to encourage youth voter registration and engagement in the Greater Boston area.


Though 2018 saw historic youth voter participation, students are still part of the least engaged voting bloc in the country. Boston Votes wants to change that. Voting marks the first step to lifelong civic and community engagement and is central to sustaining our democracy. Young people who develop their voting muscle early reliably exercise their civic duties throughout the rest of their lives.

Learn more about our high school and university efforts below.